The tooth fairy’s evil sister, the puke fairy

In over a year of taekwondo, if I’m famous for anything, it’s probably for having to throw up during any and every belt test and morning class.   Seriously.   Every belt test, and a morning sparring seminar.   Evening classes every week? Nope, nada. Zilch. Zippo.   I hate throwing up. Pregnancy was awful because I was nauseous about 14 hours a day.   At a belt test a…

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Martial Arts

is this what will make me quit?

Maybe this is it. I’ve only ever looked at my next belt, and tried not to worry about how far I’d eventually go with this, but how I feel right now? This could be what drives me to quit taekwondo. It is so freaking embarrassing. I got sick in the sparring seminar. Just like my belt tests. Just like my kickboxing classes. Why???? I’ve been going to kickboxing classes in…

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