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the ancient health secrets of martial artists

How can it help me? Why would an athlete with an injury, a runner dealing with runner’s knee, your Grandpa with a bad back, your Aunt with shoulder pain, care about all this martial arts remedy mumbo jumbo?   Because they spent CENTURIES developing ways to: Strengthen themselves for training Prevent injuries Treat new injuries Care for chronic issues and ongoing pain   Martial arts are ancient. Sources suggest that…

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astronauts and cottonballs

Last night, I sat with family and friends and listened to Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space. She’s awesome (MD, dancer, engineer, Lego figurine, the list goes on), and so was her presentation. She had so much of value and substance to say about many things. One thing was exactly what I needed to hear, though. She was asked how she dealt with people who were negative or…

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Reflections on the eve of the yellow belt test

A milestone: tomorrow is the yellow belt test for me, and the four-month mark of my taekwondo journey. I tend to overthink.  And I’m letting this yellow belt test freak me out a little. My last experience with a physical fitness test was in elementary school, and does anyone else remember how that went?  I do. We’d do months of seemingly random game playing in gym–kickball, simple games that did…

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