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What does nature study have to do with Giving Tuesday??

After all the shopping and eating over Thanksgiving weekend, the energy shifts from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Giving Tuesday.  I’m not a big shopper (unless it’s a bookstore!) so we usually avoid most of the hubbub. But I love Giving Tuesday!  This year my kiddo is old enough I’m incorporating our chosen charity into our homeschool topics for the month, covering citizenship, botany, geography, ecology and language arts…

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The Songs of Trees: 7 ways to use this AMAZING living book in homeschool

The Songs of Trees: non-fiction prose that reads like poetry at times.  I’m normally a pretty fast reader, and this book made me slow down and enjoy how he uses language, as well as the message he expresses. For budding botanists and tree-loving kids, here’s a description of a maple tree.  “Lime yellow flowers dust the maple tree’s canopy.  Peppercorn-size bells hang from filaments at the tip of almost every…

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