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Modern Copywork: No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

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I love books that transport me somewhere new, and Smith’s “Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” series does just that. I get this urge to visit Botswana after reading these stories, and imagine I could go there and visit the characters. There are twenty books in the series, and the earthy groundedness of Precious Ramotswe will remind you of all that is good and decent in humanity.    The second blog…

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Modern Copywork Series: Frances Mayes and Under the Tuscan Sun

Copywork is, to me, one of the gems of the Charlotte Mason education style. There are variations, with people staying faithful to the stricter and religious guidelines while many choose to modernize. I remember reading in Charlotte Mason groups of the opinion that ‘most of what has been published since 1980 has been twaddle’, or dumbed down, lesser-quality writing.   But I love books and I love SO many books…

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Mindful Charlotte Mason secular values

Copywork with a mindful theme

Copywork: it’s one the concepts I love best about Charlotte Mason style education.  I agree that having kids start writing on their own at too young an age doesn’t teach them good writing, and can enforce mistakes they are making. Charlotte Mason used Biblical scripture in her copywork, so I’m collecting sources of copywork that I find more suited to a secular education style. I wanted to begin a collection…

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