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countdown to my book release!

After working for months, it finally seems real! Chinese Herbal Medicine for Beginners is being published in less than a month, and I’ve got some great photos and previews of what it is going to look like. The publisher did an amazing job illustrating it with beautiful color photographs. The book is written for the complete beginner to Chinese herbal medicine, so no previous knowledge is necessary. If you like…

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Herbal medicine

A book is coming! Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine

Sometimes things are moving at a snail’s pace when suddenly, something happens, a catalyst is added, and that snail’s pace is pedal-to-the-metal caffeinated. In September I was asked by a publishing company if I would be interested in writing “A Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine.” I submitted my writing sample, not at all confident I would be chosen, but figuring what the heck, why not? I did, indeed, get…

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