Mentoring and consults

Do you haJim Semonik from Pixabayve a successful acupuncture practice, but want more confidence in your herbal practice?

Are you a new practitioner who has an acupuncture practice started, but have questions about just how to get started with herbs?

Do you want to add Western herbs to your existing practice, but would like support in the transition?

Would you like to modify your practice from how it was taught in acupuncture school?

I can help you move your herbal practice forward.

Herbal medicine used in conjunction with acupuncture can improve patient results and add a second stream of income to your practice.

Teaching and supervising herbal students, I saw so many who were confident in their acupuncture skills but hesitant and questioning in their herbal skills, even if they were performing equally in both. Sometimes all it takes is talking it through with someone to solidify the confidence in your skills and to fully bring your herbal knowledge into your practice.

I offer support by phone and email at reasonable rates. Email me at for more information.


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