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new blog series: the tapestry of martial arts

Writers are often told, correct or not, to write what they know, write what they love. As spring approaches, I’m going to write a series of blogs that both reflect something I’ve been learning a lot about over the last decade, and also ties in to my fiction writing. (My cozy mystery is coming along at almost 60,000 words so far!)

What’s the topic?

Martial arts. Tai chi. Qi gong. Tae kwon do. All the threads that weave these ancient practices into a massive tapestry of history, culture, spirituality, physical health and mental strength. I’m calling it martialARTS because everything out there stresses the martial part of it–you have so many options for tutorials on leg strength and hip flexibility and sparring tips. That’s great, and I love those, but that’s leaving out a lot.

Standing at the Barnes and Noble, staring at shelf after shelf of books all about yoga, every facet, every angle, the history, the spirituality, various styles and philosophies. You can pick up a book and connect with a whole community of people who are on the journey with you in a similar way.

I spent many hours on my mat, happy for all the ways I could learn from other Ashtanga students. And I miss that. I want that experience for martial arts, but most of what I see is the focus on the physical, exclusively.

Writers are also told to write the book they need and want to read. I think this is missing, so I’d love to put it out there as I pull it together. I’d LOVE to hear other experiences about learning martial arts that are more than ‘just’ the physical (although those stories are amazing, too.) Please feel free to share! I’d love to hear from you.

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