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thankful for reviews from readers…

I’m so, so thankful for some of the amazing reviews readers have left for my books on Amazon. I had to come here and share this review for Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine, published in April of this year.

Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020

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I am a retired medical doctor wanting to develop a basic working understanding of Chinese herbal practices, not an easy endeavor coming from a background in science based medicine. That approach is entirely opposite to thousands of years of herbal practices using natural earth sourced herbs to achieve wellness through balance and harmony. The first 17 pages presents in remarkable clarity an introduction to Chinese Medicine fundamentals. This is followed by an in depth description of 35 essential herbs. The how to with dozens of formulations and remedies are given in the next chapters.

I really like this book because it is so well written, and it has launched me enthusiastically into the Chinese approach to herbs. Worth way more than the purchase price!

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