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In case you missed it, I published a book this year! In April Chinese Herbal Medicine for Beginners hit the shelves. Writing it was a lot of fun and work, and I totally want to do it again.




I am self-publishing a series of homeschool books. The first is a print edition that is homeschool workbook, planner and academic calendar all in one.

Section 1 is a workbook to explore how to align curriculum, learning styles and natural talents for the upcoming year. The workbook takes you through a macro, big-picture look at homeschool goals, how your student learns best, their interests and motivations.


If you are overwhelmed by beginning to homeschool, or you need a fresh perspective, this is for you!


Section 2 takes your vision and plan for an amazing year then gives space to break it down into monthly plans and goals.


Section 3 is the academic calendar where you log weekly and daily homeschool learning and track progress. At the end of Section 3 is a Year End Recap to guide the evaluation and portfolio, to think about the year past, and to look forward to the next year.


I go through this macro to micro process, big picture to daily details, every year. Every year my child grows and changes, becomes interested in new things, and has new skills. His education should reflect this change and growth.

This year he graduated from speech therapy and suddenly therapies are no longer a part of our school week!


I think everyone would benefit from a fresh look to capture the excitement of a new year ahead. (And if you aren’t excited about the year ahead, then you really need this workbook calendar! Homeschooling is an amazing adventure!)


“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” Joe in You’ve Got Mail. (If you’re like me, you even heard that quote in Tom Hanks’ voice.)


The Homeschool Workbook and Calendar is the work of an intense creative period for me. Over a few days, upon having this idea, I sat down at my dining room table with pencils and a pile of blank copy paper and let it all flow. It was all there, in my head. I am an organizer. When we got married, my husband had all his important papers crammed into the bottom drawer of his entertainment center, below his TV. (Nope, not kidding.) It wasn’t very long before I had files, clearly labeled, and that mess of departed trees organized so that you could actually find things you needed, when you needed it, with a minimum of fuss.


My previous ‘gig’ was as Director of Herbal Studies at AFEA, teaching students in a master’s degree program for acupuncture and herbal medicine. Supervisor, teacher, organizer, I even taught board exam prep partially because I’m good at scheduling and organizing time and materials.


All of my evaluations for my homeschooled son have gone easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy good. And it’s not because there were no bumps in the road.  It’s all due to organization. When I have an evaluation, I come to the table like Erin Brockovitch ready to take on a polluting, corrupt water company. I’ve got our portfolio of his completed work (workbooks, copywork, pictures of science experiments, drawings, tickets from theater performances, etc.) Like Section 3 in the Homeschool Workbook and Calendar, I include my reviews of the year and a list of his accomplishments.


I find some homeschoolers nervous about evaluations, but I feel like organization and preparation are everything. If you walk in knowing 1. You’ve been a rockstar at tracking and documentation and 2. You have your portfolio and documentation, well, you just made that evaluator’s job WAY easier and set the stage for success. You’ve begun the process with an air of confidence and competence that flavors the experience.


I love homeschooling. I love education and learning. I’ve been a teacher of some sort most of my adult life (I’ve taught yoga, yoga therapy, qi gong, pilates, homeschool, acupuncture, herbal medicine…) and I think an open mind is an amazing thing. I hope the Homeschool Workbook and Calendar sets you on a path for a wonderful homeschool year.


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