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October 2019

Herbal medicine

A book is coming! Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine

Sometimes things are moving at a snail’s pace when suddenly, something happens, a catalyst is added, and that snail’s pace is pedal-to-the-metal caffeinated. In September I was asked by a publishing company if I would be interested in writing “A Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine.” I submitted my writing sample, not at all confident I would be chosen, but figuring what the heck, why not? I did, indeed, get…

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astronauts and cottonballs

Last night, I sat with family and friends and listened to Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space. She’s awesome (MD, dancer, engineer, Lego figurine, the list goes on), and so was her presentation. She had so much of value and substance to say about many things. One thing was exactly what I needed to hear, though. She was asked how she dealt with people who were negative or…

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Martial Arts

The view from the front

There are two kinds of people who look back at Mr. Ninja in class after 620 jumping jacks. Yep, that’s right, one night a lot of lower belts weren’t in class leaving me with upper belts and two black belts in class. So…yeah. 620 jumping jacks. Mr. Ninja joked after 300 jumping jacks that we weren’t sweating. Apparently he had missed my face. Because I start sweating before 100. We…

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