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the view from the mesa

I live next to a beautiful mesa in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To review that fourth grade geography, a mesa is flat on top, like a mountain with the top peak chopped off.

Like a plateau.

I blog about doing taekwondo, my extra workouts, more recently adding Figure 8 workouts for a core focus. I’ve talked about WFPB and how I’m eating healthy.

Nothing has really shifted. The pounds are not melting off, the inches are not dropping like the ball on New Year’s Eve.

So here I am, telling you about one more component that I’m adding. And really, I’m feeling good about this one because I do tend to have some negative self-talk and some pessimism around losing weight. I mean, I’ve been doing consistent, hard work since last September and…one size lost. In 9 months. It’s enough to make me want to scream and throw things. At might last ‘measure in’ (I don’t weigh in) I may have thrown a couple of things and had a bit of a hissy fit.

At Barnes & Noble, I found a book called the Gabriel Method, about visualization for successful weight loss. I’ll preface this by saying the last time I lost weight, which I gained back with pregnancy and a horrible post-pregnancy two years, was when I was doing a lot of acupuncture and qi gong. Qi gong has you do this same thing–visualization.

For the last five days I’ve been reading this book and doing the visualizations. I started with the free recorded visualizations on his website and then bought one of his packages online.

I like how they make me feel, and in a realm of glacially slow progress and plateaus of latent potential, I need something to keep me going.

So, yes. At the moment I’m doing WFPB, plus taekwondo, plus extra Figure 8 workouts plus in the last two weeks I’ve run over 11k training for a 5k. Visualizations better freaking put me over this plateau of latent potential because seriously, what else can I do????

There’s a multi-week program where you listen to one visualization per day, but you know I always have to overdo it. This morning I listened to two and then another one this evening. I figure 20 minutes plus is probably better for me than 8-10. Apparently there’s some inertia atop this mesa, and I intend to blast out of the plateau of latent potential into some real potential.

At first you might think it sounds woo woo or hippy dippy, but there’s a lot of science and experience behind visualization, especially with sports figures. Arnold Schwarzeneggar used visualization to help him achieve his goals (he has some awesome videos on youtube about it!) and we’ve all heard the story of Jim Carrey writing himself a check in the future for a million dollars, to visualize his success.

The Gabriel Method does this same thing, but with weight loss–envision eating healthy, loving exercise, and losing weight. Imagine your ideal body.

Here’s to living near beautiful mesas, but not being stuck on plateaus.

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