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onward, to orange!

I was stunned.  After being out of class for two weeks while in Ireland, and coming back with a nice cold that found me while traveling and has been far too clingy, Mr. Ninja handed me my orange belt testing invitation!!


I was stammering and babbling because we all remember my test anxiety for the yellow belt test.  (Oy.) Do you think I’m ready? Wow, this Saturday. But, I don’t know ToSan poomse yet.


I got the testing ‘invitation’ on Monday for the test Saturday.  But  my kiddo already had a major dental appointment requiring anesthesia during the testing time, so I couldn’t do it. My test is now in June. I’ll take the written test before Expo, and it’s time to start studying the manual again!


Knowing my test is coming up a month in advance is a double-edged sword. Now I can fully recover from the cold-that-just-won’t-leave and more prepared, but I also have time for some pretty significant test anxiety. I’m trying to talk myself out of that.  I mean, if Mr. Ninja thinks I’m ready, then I just have to go in and do my thing, and trust I’ll be okay.  I’ve done a test before and survived.  And, between now and the test, I have the big Summer Expo weekend. The Summer Expo is a three day weekend at a mountain resort for families from every school location, and this year is even more special because it’s the 50th anniversary of the founding of our taekwondo school. And while I’m told it’s a lot of fun, it’s also enormously challenging because ALL the master and grandmaster teachers are there, along with some special guest teachers from Korea.. So after that experience, I’m hoping the test won’t seem quite as intimidating. (Let’s hope, right?)


In the two weeks before Expo, my goals are to continue adding in the extra workouts along with  extra core work and push-ups. Apparently one of the octogenarian Great Grandmaster Ninjas is known for his workouts, which to mean sound scary as hell.  I don’t want to totally embarrass myself, so  I’m going to work out hard this weekend, and maybe throw in an extra hike for good measure.


Eating continues to be my downfall.  I’ve been trying to stick to the Nutritarian program but being sick, raw salad hasn’t been very appetizing. So I don’t feel like I’m officially following “The Plan” and that feels like failure, but I also think I need to revamp the plan for days when I’m sick or the weather’s cold and raw salad is not the healthiest option. Dr. Fuhrman lives, I think, in Florida, the land of eternally warm enough for salads.  I may need to sprinkle my Fuhrman plan with some McDougall 🙂 type recipes. Of course the Fuhrman-ites would be abhorred that I tarnished their plan with *gasp* too many starches!!! What is it about “plans” that make people obsessive? Where’s the border between adhering to a plan successfully and becoming non-compromising or fanatic about it?


Purely Nutritarian or modified, the goal is to continue the WFPB plan with lots of vegetables and fruits, along with a lighter dinner and no PM snacks before bed. A year ago I had some success with a Tony Robbins program called Body You Deserve, and their motivational work on changing eating habits. That app is still on my phone, so since the app is still on my phone, I’ll schedule time to listen to some of those again.


Am I truly the modern overweight person or what? Using my books, and all the programs I’ve spent money on, trying to lose weight. Don’t think I’m alone on that one.


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