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Black Belt Fitness: Never think you’re at a disadvantage because you start late

Ah, all those book reports from elementary and middle school… while sometimes a dreary assignment, for many of us it also conjures memories of earning free pizzas from Pizza Hut (Book It!)   I’m including a book review because in my quest as a middle age, squishy around the middle, non-athlete learning taekwondo, it answered questions and made me feel better about my path. To quote Black Belt Fitness, “Never…

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Book Reviews Meditation Instruction

finding a reason for family mindfulness practice: The Self-Driven Child

Everywhere, everywhere mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, forest bathing, sophrology–the solutions to the cultural tidal wave of anxiety, depression and less-than-ideal mental health are explained to adults and kids.  Everyone from Buddhist teachers to Oprah and mainstream media have told us WHY we should make it a part of our day.   But change requires a catalyst, a reason, an inspiring moment that sparks the beginning; the energy and motivation to move…

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Low muscle tone: how taekwondo can help with neurodiversity

A taekwondo class may seem THE place for the naturally athletic and sports-gifted… but maybe it’s an even better place for those who aren’t.   Why?   Did you know that taekwondo is an excellent sport and exercise for kids with low muscle tone and other motor challenges?  The format and nature of teaching is helpful in that it offers repetition with consistent structure and organization. (1)   Did you…

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An L of an uphill climb

When I walk into class I’m the biggest one in there. When I go to tournaments, I’m the chubby one. It seems like everyone else in Taekwondo is already awesomely athletic and in shape. Even when I meet other white and yellow belts, so many have previous athletic training and often martial arts experience. (Intimidating!)   In sparring gear, they print the size on the outside. (I know, right? Is…

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What do we say about coincidences, Sherlock?

Mycroft Holmes: What do we say about coincidences? Sherlock Holmes: The universe is rarely so lazy.   I suspect that my son and I learning Taekwondo is no coincidence– that it is the universe’s way of helping us with all the fights and struggles. It’s way of strengthening us for current and future battles.  I never had grandiose plans for both of us to train in Taekwondo, some sort of…

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