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As many AFEA graduates know, I’m always open for questions about herbs or complex presentations.  I love these questions!  Recently, I began a more formal mentoring / tutoring agreement with a new graduate, where we had appointments to talk and go over new herb patients.  I realized that after supervising and teaching at AFEA, I really miss the students!

I’ve just relocated from Gainesville, FL to Golden, CO.  As part of this move I’m changing how I practice, and am adding in tutoring/mentoring for anyone, but especially new graduates.  To keep it affordable for that tricky time as you’re starting out, I’m offering sliding scale $15-$30 an hour.  This includes consulting on patterns and formulas, studying or setting up an herbal dispensary or setting up accounts.  As a supervisor and Herb Director, I saw some great herbal students avoid herbs in their later practice because of a lack of confidence in their abilities.  I’m here to help!

The structure is very flexible but hour appointments are a good length.  In addition to phone calls, you can also email follow-up questions and tongue diagnosis pictures.  We can set a schedule, i.e. weekly or bi-weekly.  Interested?  Email me at carrieachauhan@gmail.com.

A brief CV of my experience:

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM and RH (AHG) since 2010
  • AFEA Dispensary manager, Herbal Director, Clinic Supervisor and Faculty 2010-2018
  • Personal herbal dispensaries: granules and bulk/loose herbs
  • Post Graduate studies in Ayurveda, Food as Medicine with Todd Caldecott
  • Post Graduate studies in Western Herbs according to Chinese Medicine with Thomas Avery Garran and Ben Zappin.  I currently do a mixed practice, using Western Herbs where possible and also using Chinese Herbal formulas.
  • Post Graduate studies in pediatrics, pregnancy and post-partum; one of my specialties is pediatrics with a focus in shonishin, flower essences and western herbs a/t Chinese medicine for kids.
  • My current herbal practice is online.



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