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Next up: Sparring. Wait, sparring? you mean, fighting?!?

Sparring for the first time last night was so far out of my comfort zone, so far outside my bubble of life as usual.  It was unlike any situation I’ve ever been in.  Mr. Ninja gave some basic instructions, but being out of my comfort zone and my brain and ears covered in the puffy vinyl head gear, I’m not sure it went in. Okay…brain trying to wrap around this…I’m…

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Martial Arts

Getting jiggly with it

Only a Mr. Ninja would tell me to look at myself in the mirror as I do jumping jacks to see if I’m symmetrical.  I mean, I get it the theory.  Mr. Ninja wants both my legs the same strength and flexibility, and if that is true then my jumping jacks should be symmetrical.  And I am clearly not doing that–after about 150 jumping jacks, my legs stop moving so…

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