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Next up: Sparring. Wait, sparring? you mean, fighting?!?

Sparring for the first time last night was so far out of my comfort zone, so far outside my bubble of life as usual.  It was unlike any situation I’ve ever been in.  Mr. Ninja gave some basic instructions, but being out of my comfort zone and my brain and ears covered in the puffy vinyl head gear, I’m not sure it went in. Okay…brain trying to wrap around this…I’m…

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Loving my Shampoo Bar (the quest for less waste)

I started blogging for a local group called Zero Waste Gainesville.  I love the idea of going zero waste, and I’m writing about how I’m altering my purchases to lessen my personal negative environmental impact. Check out my blog at Zero Waste Gainesville!  Thanks!…

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CM Nature Study and mindful curriculum

We did it! Last month our family took a CM nature study vacation,  planned specifically to get us out of the house and away from electronics.  Living in Florida, I’ve found that being in nature is considerably different than in places with a colder winter to kill back kudzu and killer mosquitos and fire ants 🙂 I’m a transplant to this two-season environment, one of them (the hot, humid season)…

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Introducing: Mindful Charlotte Mason

“Pay attention not only to the cultivation of knowledge,but to the cultivation of qualities of the heart,so that at the end of education, not only will you be knowledgeable,but also you will be a warm-hearted and compassionate person.”  (H.H. Dalai Lama, Live In A Better Way). Mindful Charlotte Mason gives mindfulness tools to homeschoolers in a simple, inexpensive and secular way, so that homeschool students and their families may experience…

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