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Loving my Shampoo Bar (the quest for less waste)

I started blogging for a local group called Zero Waste Gainesville.  I love the idea of going zero waste, and I’m writing about how I’m altering my purchases to lessen my personal negative environmental impact. Check out my blog at Zero Waste Gainesville!  Thanks!…

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Mindful Charlotte Mason

What does nature study have to do with Giving Tuesday??

After all the shopping and eating over Thanksgiving weekend, the energy shifts from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Giving Tuesday.  I’m not a big shopper (unless it’s a bookstore!) so we usually avoid most of the hubbub. But I love Giving Tuesday!  This year my kiddo is old enough I’m incorporating our chosen charity into our homeschool topics for the month, covering citizenship, botany, geography, ecology and language arts…

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Herbal medicine

underneath the leafy Linden tree…

Linden Tilia cordata, Tilia americana I was an herbalist for years before I fell in love with Linden.  It took traveling to Slovakia, where Linden is the national tree, to find the love. My family flew into Vienna and make our way to Bratislava and then Budapest by train. In addition to an amazing 16th century hotel room in Bratislava, I stumbled upon a bag of linden packaged for tourists.…

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Meditation Instruction

Five flower essences for meditation

Sitting down to meditate the first few times can be intimidating.  It’s natural for the brain to be moving a lot, jumping around, or to even be sleepy or lethargic.  And while there’s no substitute for practice and perseverance, there are some ways to help the transition to being more mindful.  And one of my favorites is FLOWER ESSENCES. As an herbalist, I love plants.  Plants can be extremely helpful…

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Book Reviews Mindful Charlotte Mason

The Songs of Trees: 7 ways to use this AMAZING living book in homeschool

The Songs of Trees: non-fiction prose that reads like poetry at times.  I’m normally a pretty fast reader, and this book made me slow down and enjoy how he uses language, as well as the message he expresses. For budding botanists and tree-loving kids, here’s a description of a maple tree.  “Lime yellow flowers dust the maple tree’s canopy.  Peppercorn-size bells hang from filaments at the tip of almost every…

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Book Reviews Mindful Charlotte Mason

Nature study as a mindful activity, part 2

I love nature study, and I love mindfulness, and I love living books.  Here’s a quick review of a book that will incorporate all three!  It’s called The Global Forest. It’s format is in shorter chapters, so you can pick and choose easily what you might read aloud to the kiddos. A living book, beautifully written, the author Diana Beresford-Kroeger is not only a botanist and medical biochemist, she has…

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Book Reviews Meditation Instruction Mindful Charlotte Mason

Nature study as a mindful activity, part 1 of 3

Nature is one of the best teachers of mindfulness.  To be alone or quiet in nature is a reminder of that we are part of a whole that is much bigger than us.  Nature nurtures us, makes us healthier, resets our nervous system.  Cultures have always known this, but science is backing it up with studies showing the benefits of activities like “forest bathing.” Question:  Have you ever gone out…

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Meditation Instruction secular values

the sound of silence…during a meal?!

This blog is a sharing of ideas for mindful eating and saying a secular ‘grace’ at mealtimes. I can’t say our family practices this regularly, but we aspire to incorporating it more. It isn’t tradition in either of our families to say grace, and we grew up with parents of different religions.  With my husband’s long work-day, my son often eats before he gets home making dinner together –and saying…

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Book Reviews Meditation Instruction secular values

Slow and steady wins the race: Mindful Movements

“My kids sit for too much of the day already…now I’m asking them to sit more to meditate?” “I’m scared to even try to get my kid to sit down…they have so much energy.  How can I introduce mindfulness to them?”  “Isn’t meditation a lot of sitting?” Lots of parents and homeschoolers have questions like these.  Is the answer yes? Not necessarily! Here are a few books about incorporating mindfulness…

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CM Nature Study and mindful curriculum

We did it! Last month our family took a CM nature study vacation,  planned specifically to get us out of the house and away from electronics.  Living in Florida, I’ve found that being in nature is considerably different than in places with a colder winter to kill back kudzu and killer mosquitos and fire ants 🙂 I’m a transplant to this two-season environment, one of them (the hot, humid season)…

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